HTML and PHP the basics

Below is a link to a presentation I gave early in 2007. My fellow RPG developer’s were just starting to get interested in PHP and I thought it wise to distinguish the differences between PHP / RPG / and HTML. I think it helped them out before they took their first online PHP training course. […]

DB2. Resources. Overhead.

I want to point out a potential “gotcha” to anyone moving from the traditional LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack to PHP on the IBM System i + DB2 (is there an acronym for that yet? iADP?). PHP loves MySQL… so much so that MySQL has always received favorable treatment. Although I love MySQL too, […]

Quick Setup of PHP

Presentations are part of my weekly routine, so it seems. Many of these are geared toward different levels of PHP + HTML experience. I plan on posting these here with a brief description of each as time goes by. This small group of slides is aimed at helping the newcomer get a PHP development environment […]

Refactoring Vital to Software Engineering

I just wanted to point out that on my other blog (.com!) I recently posted about refactoring. Although it should have been on this site, its going to stay there for now – so as not to duplicate my efforts… A snippet: “Refactoring is a process of redesign that prevents software entropy, and was […]