WetNote.com – a brush with Encryption

So this is my first official post about the site. It was a “for-fun” project that is here to stay. What can I say, I like it =)

This is a different concept – and if it has already been done before, well it probably hasn’t been done in the same way.

Essentially, wetnote.com lets you write encrypted messages or notes to other people. A very simple concept, and likewise, a very simple (on the outside) website.

Underneath, however, lurks a big effort and many lines of object-oriented code. The seperation of logic and display is clear, and the layer of data encryption is suitably abstracted.

I’ve dug my heels deep into TwoFish encryption along with Cipher-block chaining and other technologies. My interest is growing, and I feel that data security is going to be a particular niche of expertise for me.

If you haven’t checked out the site yet, give it a whirl. You can post a note without signing up, but I’d rather you just do a free signup to see the cool features.

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  1. Kinda funny that I posted this now… i’ve had the website public for almost a year haha.

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