apartmento, senpai, curry

Today (Saturday) was a very busy and long day. Ayako and I traveled across Tokyo to Motoyawata – a city in Chiba prefecture (although, honestly, Tokyo sprawls in such a fashion that is very difficult to tell where one city ends and another begins… the only thing that helps you spot the cities within the […]

doko and dochira, nan and nani

Today was busy, I participated in a pretty high priority meeting that may open some very big doors for Innovative Language Learning (the relatively young startup I work at).  This may be an opportunity to open new markets and find enterprise customers.  Fun stuff. Other than work, I ate some interesting soup today that Ayako […]

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Today I walked to the local QQ (phonetic representation of the the number 9 twice… ie 99), which is only a block away. The QQ is a dollar store, but it has a much wider range of things than most dollar stores from back in the southern States. This store has coolers lining the walls […]

Delivery in Tokyo is fast, 21.5 モニター

Today I received a delivery at the apartment, 2 days after ordering it.  A new monitor – a whopping 21.5 inch flat panel Acer H223HQ.  It has “dual” input mode… which i think is really incorrect since it supports analog-vga (my laptop is connected to it), DVI-D (the mac is connected to this), and HDMI […]

Move, rearrange, settle in

So today was full of busywork.  Ayako and I had to rearrange the room to fit my stuff, her stuff, and still give us a sense of organization.  The small computer desk was cleaned off and moved to a roomier corner and is now a prime location for me to do my work.  My suitcases […]