apartment hunting in japan is a job

after work today Ayako and I spent time looking over print-outs of apartments, internet listings, etc. We reviewed quite a few different apartments, some new, some not so new. Its hard to get an idea of what you might like from floor plans, or the occasional photo. But its also very time consuming to go […]

Office, Bears and Hot Dogs

Ok, At work today I had to work with our email marketing service provider to add a list of our subscribers to the system. After my list finally uploaded their system presented me with a “success” screen that said: Hot dog! You’ve successfully uploaded your list of subscribers! Now what do you want to do? […]

Going to the office tomorrow

Today was another day like yesterday. Quiet and productive. In less than 12 hours I will be at the office for Wednesday’s work. I hear they rearranged since my last visit (and photos). Will be interesting to see what has changed. It seems that a fondness for anime is growing within me. Most of you […]

Rain, Rainbow, Pot-o-Gold, Investments

Today it rained and was very “samui” (cold) in Tokyo. I stayed at the apartment to work. It was nice and quiet, my work went undistracted, and things were accomplished. Instead of the bustle in the office my ears were only filled with the sound of keys being pressed, and the music inside my headphones. […]