Abbott Hanko

So today work was busy with meetings and doings. Nothing fantastic or new to report there. But I was surprised by the doorbell today, it was a delivery of some small package. After opening it up later this evening we got to see our new hanko. Ayako had ordered the hanko on Monday – so […]


Ok, so first off it is pretty difficult to follow up on my last post.  It was such a high moment, and really should be on the front page longer… but then again – the wedding ceremony will be even better. But what makes this post even more crazy is the complete 180 degree turn […]

25 Months 22 Days and 78,000 Miles Later

Today is Friday, so its time for another picture post, however this one is going to have only one photo and a special spin on it. So it was on Feb 3, 2007 that I stepped out on a limb and asked the girl that walked into my dreams to marry me. It was a […]

Mama, gaikokujin de gozaimasu!

So simple story – short and cute. One of Thursday’s highlights came from my ride on the train to the office.  As soon as I boarded the train I took a position standing in front of a bench that was close to the opposite doors from my entry.  At said bench was a little girl […]

Foreign Registration, Freshness Burger

Quick post, but full of content. Today we took the “Hachiko” (read this for more information) bus to Shibuya city hall to get my foreign registration card and take care of some more paperwork (never enough!). Here it is in all its glory: After taking care of everything at the city hall we wanted a […]