First 100 days

So 100 days have passed since I left the States. In fact, my first 100 days in Japan occurred in parallel with Barack Obama’s first 100 days as President of the United States. I still remember the early morning wait in the airport lounge, sitting there in that anxious silence waiting to start this new […]

Smoke and a pancake

So it dawned on me today concerning one of the major differences in Japan that I have not yet blogged about (as far as i know). Smoking here in Japan is much more accepted in public places than in the States. Most every restaurant has a smoking section, and in many restaurants their is no […]

Box box box

Our apartment is getting filled with boxes. Those that are full, and those that are still flat and in stacks by the door. I counted up the number of times Ive moved (that I can remember) since 2000 and it totaled 10 times. Here goes number 11. I suppose 11 times in 9 years isn’t […]

Golden Week

So next week Monday to Wednesday + this Wednesday are all part of a series of holidays in Japan known as Golden Week. These holidays include a past emperor’s birthday, a couple nature loving days, the constitutional memorial day, and children’s day! Unlike in the States where we only have Father’s and Mother’s day […]

Kinyoubi Picture Post yay!

Last weekend Ayako and I went to the park to enjoy the sunshine. I only took a picture of the food ha The 7/11 is now selling one of my favorite sushi rolls again, well almost. This one is very close to to my favorite – except it doesn’t have any tuna. New apartments next […]