Basketball, phone, and dresses – oh my!

Working backwards: Sunday was a day of rest, after I played 4 hours of basketball nearly non-stop full court games. 8:30am – 12:30pm, I felt really good after all that exercise, and tired. Rest was required and I ended up snoozing part of the day away. Saturday we went to finally purchase a phone for […]

Picture Post Kinyoubi

Here it is… 4 nice photos for you to enjoy. The first three come from a small corner museum inside a busy subway station. When they were building this station in Tokyo they found a lot of artifacts from old “Edo” which is old Tokyo. So they made a map of the old city on […]

Expendable, Old Edo

There is one asset that all of us share, it is finite, unequally distributed, and although it is the most valuable resource we have – it is often nonchalantly discarded as expendable. Businesses often try to maximize its input at the ultimate expense of its employees, but do they ever think about whether this maximization […]

kakushi aji

Today on the train ride I learned about kakushi aji and the tasty dish of curry and rice. Kakushi aji means secret ingredient, and there are some interesting secrent ingredients for Japanese curry. Some secret flavors are made by adding different kakushi aji such as: 1) apple 2) honey 3) chocolate 4) and even a […]

sashin post kinyoubi

So here I am with another picture post friday. What happened on Friday? What is becoming a routine (this being the 3rd time) I walked 15 minutes to a local Burger King for lunch and to spend some time in study. Additionally I use this opportunity to test my Japanese when ordering food. Today I […]