Picture Time! Kinyoubi!

If you missed it, I actually posted yesterday too (gasp!). I usually only post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (getsuyoubi, suiyoubi, kinyoubi) – but yesterday something hit me like a ton of bricks (see below). Anyway, today is the picture post. I do study Japanese daily, but often using different mediums. One of the tools […]

No spelling bees in Japan

It just hit me like a ton of bricks today. In Japan there are no spelling bees, you know, those events where people are challenged to spell difficult words in the English language. Japan does not need them, because Japanese as a spoken language is simple to translate to the Japanese alphabet. There are no […]

No meatball sub at Subway in Japan

Yep, you heard that right. Subway sandwich shops in Japan do NOT have the meatball sub on the menu. Why Japan, why?! The meatball sub is too good to leave off the menu…. Oh well, I do give you credit for having a few other interesting Japanese influenced subs. Particularly the avocado& shrimp sub, that […]

Movie tickets and Disney tickets

So the last two weekends have been fun. On the 19th we went to Disneyland Tokyo – a very fun place to go. This was my second time ever going to Disneyland, and best of all it was free! Well, mostly. The tickets to Disney were early wedding gifts from one of Ayako’s coworkers, so […]

hitsuyou and shitai

= need and want, good words to know and somehow they have not been a part of my Japanese vocabulary up until this point! Very strange since “necesito” was one of the first Spanish words I learned. Kinyoubi is almost passed, but here is my picture post: Kanji inscribed into a stone marker at a […]