Chopsticks at 7/11, buy a scarf!

So Friday’s photo had my lunch from Thursday, and in it were 3 items. Octopus fried with cabbage – very tasty, and a sushi roll that is my favorite rolls from any convenience store selection. When I purchased the sushi roll at the 7/11 the employee there went through the normal routine of putting the […]

2 Photos for Friday

Two quick photos…. here is one thing I am really missing: and here was my lunch on Thursday… funny story with this too – will divulge its details on Monday:

Okinawan present

Short post today, I’m tired. This morning I spent a couple hours going to the immigration office in Tokyo and preparing for my trip back to the US. Now that I’ve got a visa to stay here I actually have to ask permission to leave and come back haha… at least the form was a […]

Nike Dreams, Proud City Campus

The weekend flew by as I prepared for my upcoming trip back to the USA. It’s amazing to think that I have to buy things to ensure my proper survival in the place I lived for over 26 years of my life. Sunday I played basketball like every past weekend since May. These 3-4 hour […]

Mac / Sushi Post Kinyoubi!

Its Friday again, and time for a peek into my life here in Japan through photos. Today, I’ve got some great photos for you, lets get started with the best ones – LunchTime!!! Lunch today was at a Kaiten Sushi restaurant, also referred to as a “Sushi Boat” restaurant by one of my friends Shingo. […]