Reviewing Photos

Ok, So Ayako and I just spent about 3 hours reviewing the photos from the photographer. There were a lot… but unfortunately I didn’t have time to pull any for posting on the blog. However, Thanks to Burn – we have a group of photos available for review. Some are really funny, some are really […]

A couple more photos

Ok, my last call to action netted me zero response. Let me try again. If you have photos that you can share with me, please do Since I was too busy partying, I didn’t take any photos myself. I will get photos from the photography studio later this week, and video from Ayako’s father soon […]

First Photos

Ok, here we are, approximately one week from that magical date – and here are the first of many photos I will post. Since I wasn’t able to take photos myself, I am relying on third party providers to amass a pile of good photos to show. I’ll eventually highlight everyone that was caught around […]


Tadaima means “I’m home” and thats exactly what Ayako and I said when we finally lugged our luggage the last few feet to our apartment door. We are home after a nice 14 hour flight from JFK airport New York to NRT airport Japan. I can’t begin to express how much fun we had over […]

Just Married

Yesterday was a blazing fast day filled to the brim with wedding events. I wish I could write all the gritty details and post all the wonderful photos I can get a hold of, but alas I am exhausted in a hotel near Times Square NY preparing for the next busy day of our short […]