Himeji Castle Tour – part 3

Ok, last part of this tour and we still have lots to see. Here is gate 5 on our way into the castle. When we get close we can see the gate is called the fifth-water gate (actually the kanji say water-five-gate): After a little more walking we come across the sixth gate: After we […]

Himeji Castle Tour – part 2

On to part two of the Himeji castle tour (see the previous post for more photos and background information). One of the interior courtyards, if you can call it that. More of a transition area, that didn’t appear to serve much of a purpose other than provide an extra layer of walls and doors. Speaking […]

Himeji Castle Tour – part 1

This past weekend we traveled to the southern part of Japan’s main island to see some famous sites. One of the most famous (and my favorite) was Himeji Castle. Himeji castle was originally built in 1346, but has since underwent several expansions and modifications (the last major modification was in 1618). Quoting from Wikipedia: (click […]

Two tasty dishes

Last week I took this photo and forgot to show it. So, feast your eyes on this bowl of seafood-curry udon. Udon is wheat noodle, and this particular bowl is in a Japanese curry based soup with seafood (shrimp, squid, fish) and vegetables (potato, carrot, onion). Very tasty. And here is another photo that I […]

Kentucky Christmas?

Christmas is approaching. Are you prepared for a Kentucky Christmas? In Japan, KFC is called “Kentucky” instead of “Kentucky Fried Chicken” or even just the acronym “KFC”. Every Christmas they are open and they do a special sale on box meals. A few different sets to choose from, have a look: