New Years in Japan is like Thanksgiving

So this week is pretty important for families in Japan. Much like Thanksgiving is a time for distant family members to meet and eat dinner together in the US, New Years in Japan is filled with family events. Here in Maebashi, in the prefecture of Gumma, we are visiting with uncles, aunts, cousins etc. Lots […]

Heading to Maebashi

Tomorrow we are going to the city of Maebashi to see Ayako’s family, and to visit with some friends there. We will eat, drink, and be merry New Years Eve we will spend with her parents and brother and will probably eat some special soba noodles. These special noodles are eaten at midnight, it is […]


Merry Christmas! This was not my present, but it does have a bow. This square watermelon was $150 in the store, too much! Off to see Avatar at behest of Matt.

Old Japanese Armor and Giant Onions

Don’t let the title fool you, these are two completely different topics. First up, just a photo of some old armor found at the Himeji castle: Pretty cool armor, although not nearly as protective as European armor from the same time period (as far as I can tell). Granted, much more flexible and easier to […]

What would I cook for supper?

What happens when Charles Abbott decides to cook supper after too much grocery shopping? That’s right, hamburgers, hash browns, and salad. There were NO hamburger buns anywhere, so I resorted to English muffins… still very tasty