Pizza Post Friday

Ok, here is the picture post friday… well, this week we will call it the Pizza post Ever had an egg on a pizza? I have! Pizza in Japan is always an exciting experiment in flavors Spread the yolk around. mmm, tasty And if you aren’t interested in egg pizza, maybe you can settle for […]

Japan is Running for Trains

Today, on my way to the office, I thought about Japan’s favorite pastime. Everyday millions of people make their way to the trains around Tokyo in rushed fashion. Often as if they are completing a never-ending 100-yard dash. Men and women, young and old, everyone is included in the morning and evening rush for the […]

I love chips

This is going to be a super short post, because it just doesn’t require much to spell out the fact that I love chips. Tasty, unhealthy, deep-fried / baked / kettle cooked, spicy, salty, cheesy, sour-creamy, peppery, any-way-you-make-them chips. In Japan my love has not disappeared, in fact it has only expanded to include many […]

Ochazuke looks good

Today was a long day at the office. I dont normally travel to the office on Friday, but I made an exception this week to add a little more security to the PCs that were there. Although I am definitely moving toward the Mac full time (unless it proves to be stubborn like it was […]

My JapanDay

Yes, today is my JapanDay, as I like to refer to it. Much like a birthday, today is the day that I came to Japan 1 year ago. Today is a very important day, it marks an important change in my life, one that I am very happy for. Just like any special day (this […]