matcha and tea ceremony

After visiting Narita-san this weekend (なりたさん しんしょうじ) we stopped for tea at a tranquil little tea room in an outdoor setting. While there I drank matcha for the first time! Matcha is the high-grade green tea, and although it can get very expensive depending on the quality, I stuck with the reasonable stuff (no more […]

Naritasan and Tsukiji

So in my last post I had a video about Yoshinoya. Even if you cant speak or read Japanese you could probably realize it was Yoshinoya by the name on the glass of water. So the question is, what was it about? Last week I learned that Yoshinoya is about 110 years old, and that […]

tofu pizza?

This picture post Friday has only one picture. The photo is of tofu dressed up as a pizza. Sure, it doesn’t quite resemble a pizza in shape or color, but it had cheese, onions, sauce, and a slight bar-b-q taste. Perhaps it could masquerade as a bar-b-q pizza [ahhh! something is wrong with this photo […]

Stomach vs Mind

So I really like this dictionary of Japanese idioms that I bought this past weekend. Ton of great translations in here. One in particular that struck me as interesting is the translation for “Make up your mind.” In Japanese you would not ever say “make up your mind” using the word “mind.” Instead, Japanese “make […]

3 day weekend

Monday was a national holiday so I took a three day weekend. Saturday was filled with basketball, Sunday was filled with grocery shopping, and Monday was filled with darts and chit-chat. The only purchase that I made worth mentioning is of a dictionary of Japanese idioms. It is interesting comparing English idioms with their Japanese […]