I have to run, here is funny photo

Ok, so I shut down my laptop and forgot that i needed to post on my blog… but i am dangerously close to late for my train – see how much i care? so this post is a post about how i need to post but i dont have time to post… how meta is […]

3 year visa

Woohoo! Last Friday I traveled to the immigration office to pick up my shiny new visa. A three year visa to be exact. I won’t have to travel back to the immigration office for anything – until I want to leave the country for any reason (Now that I have permission to stay, I have […]

3 manners not worth remembering in Japan

So, Sunday I watched a short spot on TV about manners in Japan. Here are 3 things I didn’t know and thought were interesting but dont think they are necessarily all that important (although the TV show made them out to be). #3: Never give an apron to an older lady as a present (even […]

Introspection and Chicken Wings

Last night I exhibited 3 interesting characteristics. I talked a lot more than normal, in a much louder voice than usual, and I may have been a bit more daft than expected. Could it have been these great new Nagoya style chicken wings I ate? They were very delicious, but no – I dont think […]


One thing I was a bit surprised to see when I first moved to Tokyo was the amount of clothes, sheets, and futon mattresses that people hang out to dry. In a city like Tokyo I never expected to see clotheslines or clothespins. In fact, I often thought it was a bit revolting to see […]