Okinawan food

So I stopped by this Okinawa style bar / restaurant (called “izakaya” in Japanese) to try something different. I have never eaten Okinawan food before so this was an interesting experience for me First up, a photo of the menu. Here was the main course: Goyachampuru, ゴーヤチャンプル. It had bitter green melon called “goya” stir-fried […]

Akihabara Yodobashi and Gundam

Akihabara has one of the largest… perhaps largest… electronics store I have ever been in. 8 Floors of electronics, computers, games, home electronics, and various other sundries. It is located at the Akiba exit, which is opposite of the most popular street in Akihabara. Here it is, big as a football field, or multiple ones. […]

Everyone bow

Yesterday I ran to a 7-11 convenience store that isn’t far from my apartment to buy a drink. I ended up getting this Pepsi that was some African flavor (not bad at all). I also bought that sweet snack, dango, at a local mom-and-pop shop that I discovered on my way there (will have to […]

Spicy Noodles and Basketball

So today I journeyed to the office, leaving my apartment shortly after 7AM. The 1 hour commute wasn’t bad this morning, I spent the time reading the Slam Dunk manga as part of my Japanese study regiment. I’m currently on number 15 out of 31 and I still enjoy it (and will probably read it […]


Here is a photo of some coworkers at a nomikai 飲み会 (“after-work dinner and drinks”). We ate at this really good Nagoya style chicken place, I highly recommend it! I actually planned the event, although poorly I might add. I made two reservations initially (with Ayako’s help), and later canceled one. Using my set phrases […]