Picture post Friday – Japan and tobacco

Picture post from today. I was quite surprised when a lady approached our dinner table and offered everyone sitting there a free pack of cigarettes as part of some promotional campaign. Smoking and tobacco are widely accepted in Japan, and just about every restaurant allows smoking at the tables (with no real smoking or non-smoking […]

Look what the cat dragged in

Jacob Hudson and his girlfriend Porscha are my first American guests in Japan. We had a nice dinner then retired to the apartment for a few beers and chit-chat. Tomorrow I’ll be busy with work, but it was nice to see a friend from the States today. He will be traveling around Japan this week, […]

ISBN 1452888892

Today I am extremely excited to announce that my book is ready for preview. I’ll be providing a link to download the book right here. “The Two-Minute Challenge” is about self-actualization. Not only is this topic interesting to read about, but it can change your life when you seriously think about it. What are the […]

Hoshiigaru 2nd Place

Wooohooo! So this past weekend my basketball team played in a tournament. It was a Saturday morning tournament starting at 930 AM (warm-ups before that). We were both nervous and excited – and ready to prove that the last 4 months of weekly practice had helped About four months ago we played in our very […]