Day 2 Kanji

以 (from) 以上 (more than) 以下 (less than) 堂 (hall) 食堂 (dining room) 別 (separate) 別々に (separately)

Jet Lag begone

Ok, so I took an unplanned hiatus from posting here. I was quite busy in the US of A and simply had no time to even think about posting. Then, when I did have time to post stuff, I actually had no internet connection (at the one place I expected to have it). Of course, […]

Rain and Sumo

Today it rains. Today, I have a lot of walking to do. Unfortunately, I am missing the images I planned on posting today. I have much business to attend to today, so will be unable to post them until Friday. So, where am I at this moment? Perhaps this will give you a clue (and […]