1-4 offense

Ok, I got sidetracked last night with too many things. This is a late post… more about my turkey adventures in the next one. Tonight, Tuesday, I have basketball practice. My goal is to teach some offensive sets to my teammates. I’m considering a 1-4 offense, or perhaps a 1-3-1 offensive set… with a couple […]

Big Problem

So, I want to eat this turkey, but I have a big problem…. You can see that isn’t a really big turkey by any standard. In fact, I purchased one of the smallest possible. However, my oven leaves no room for the turkey. There is no room between the turkey and the oven’s roof. Yes, […]

This just in

Japan is a land without living turkeys. There are no turkeys here. Why do I mention this? Because Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US and it’s tradition to eat turkey on this day. That’s why I had a frozen turkey shipped to me from the States. It’s so nice to live in times when a […]

4 hours at the JLPT

Sunday I took the 日本語能力模擬試験 (Japanese Language Proficiency Practice Exam) at a University around Kunitachi station. That station is about 1 hour 20 minutes away from my apartment on the other side of Tokyo. The test was an eye opener for me. I now realize that I can listen very good, and I can understand written […]

Cooking at Cookpad

In the last 3 weeks at COOKPAD, I’ve enjoyed at least 6 meals that were cooked for me by other employees and even participated in cooking food at a company celebration. Cooking is a daily event at the company, I always smell something delicious from the kitchen (both floors of the building have large kitchens […]