Great burger in Tokyo

I went to this great burger joint near the office in Shirokanedai. The place is called Burger Mania – and the quality and selection of burgers justifies the name. I didn’t have a camera to take any photos of my Ultimate Blue Cheese burger, but someone else on the internet has already done so. Check […]

Going to Gumma

I’m heading to Gumma this week! It’s that time of year when families in Japan get together and eat rice cakes, toshi-koshi soba, osechi, and – in some cases – fugu. On another note, I’ve been using my Nintendo DS like crazy for the last month. This kanji drawing / dictionary program is really playing […]

going up

Yesterday, I got on the elevator at work and proceeded to press the 6th floor button. To my dismay, the button did not light up nor did the doors close. I pressed it again, and again nothing happened. Three, four, five presses later – and still nothing. It dawned on me that the elevator doors […]

Emperor’s birthday

Thursday is the emperor’s birthday. He turns 77 this year and, like every year, most everyone gets a day off to celebrate. So, what will we do to celebrate? We will participate in an event known as “Osouji.” Osouji means “the big cleanup” and is the same as “spring cleaning” except Japanese tend to do […]

yoyaku suru

Christmas day is approaching fast and I am vastly unprepared. Not only do I have to do some secret shopping still, but I have to plan something for us to do on Christmas. I assumed that we’d partake in the Japanese style Christmas dinner, but there might be a problem (so says my friend). If […]