75 percent accurate

This weekend I received 2 boxes in the mail that I’ve been looking forward to having. I now have over 1,000 Kanji flashcards to use as an additional tool for memorization. I’ve been doing quite well with the Nintendo DS routine, but it seemed best to have more than one interface / context from which […]


I ate tebasaki (wings) last night 手羽先を食べました! There’s a really good tebasaki place near Kabukicho in Shinjuku. This is the second time I’ve been there for a nomikai, and it did not let me down. Great food & drinks for a reasonable price: http://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000011705/ 手羽先 おすすめ I went with a bunch of coworkers and talked the […]

Tokyo and Ruby

I attended the Tokyo Rubyist Meetup in Jimbocho. This was my second time attending, and I’ll be going again to the next one. The venue was at a technology research campus, which was more or less a single office building with about 30 floors. The conference room was rather nice, and the presentation itself was […]

Giant buddha

This weekend, my basketball friends (trans-breakers) and I traveled to Ibaraki prefecture to attend a very large tournament. The tournament had about 40 teams, and was definitely on a level above ours (most of these teams have people that played on college and high school teams… and probably have years and years of experience playing […]

Serious reflections on 2 years in Japan

The 20th of January marked the 2 year point of my stay in Japan; I call it my “Japan Day.” I’m going to stroll down memory lane in this post and try to take another look, from this future vantage point, on the more interesting things that happened and draw an assumption from the things […]