1 week hiatus

I’m back after taking a short hiatus. Last week had a bit too much going on, but it’s a bit slower this week so time for a quick update. We finally got a place to sit other than the floor. This IKEA sofa fits just perfect in our apartment, and it really brightens up the […]

Picture Post Friday

Two meals I made recently: Japanese style demi-glazed hamburg plate, boiled egg, rice, and vegetables. I made this for me and Ayako one night when she had to work a little late. Usually, we cook together. For Valentines day, we cooked Okonomiyaki together! Yum! Today, I received a new Grammar study book. So far, it […]

A little late, blame it on the cold

I’m later than usual with this post. I try to keep a consistent schedule of writing, it helps to strengthen the good habit. My schedule is 3 times a week, usually on M-W-F… but today is a Thursday post. And you can blame it on the cold, the cold I have, that is. Been feeling […]

It snowed!

It snowed in Tokyo last night! When I woke up, I planned on taking a photo of the snow on the ground. Instead, there was only slush from all the foot-traffic. The trains were a little slow this morning, but not bad. The big machine that is Tokyo just keeps churning along.

picture post friday

A Mickey Mouse lost in the Tokyo subway system. This is the first mouse / rat I’ve ever seen in the Tokyo metro, and it isn’t even a real one. The metro is always very clean and, even better, on time.