Last stop, Rome

Our final stop in Italy was Rome, and it was not at all disappointing. I really enjoyed walking the streets of Rome, and we even traversed one of the largest central parks to find an awesome authentic pizzeria place. Not this pizza (this is fast food pizza in Rome) This was the real stuff, napoli […]

On to Pisa

Obligatory photos of Pisa I’ve been extremely busy over the last week, so my blog posts are short. Don’t worry though, next week is Golden Week in Japan (a special holiday week). So, I’ll rest up a little then and then finally be back to normal with posts and communication (via email, skype, and other […]

Florence, San Gimignano

Florence was a beautiful city to visit, and it was chock full of great food, historical treasures, and cultural events (it just happened to be national culture week when we arrived in Italy – so there were a bunch of extra things to see in some places, and admission was even free to some landmarks). […]


Venice was one of my two favorite cities during my stay in Italy. Not only is it beautiful, full of great architecture and art, but it is also so unique that it’s like walking into a city within a dream. I highly recommend everyone visit Venice at least once in their life, and if it […]

Home from Italy

ただいま!先週僕はイタリアへ行きました.本当に楽しかった。 I’m back! Last week I went to Italy, and had a blast Time for some photos, but right before posting them here – Take-さん generously provided a full translation of some Kansai-ben I was trying to document on my site 😀 Be sure to check it out, funny stuff: Kansai-ben translation The famous Duomo of […]