Stamps on Receipts

I’ve recently noticed an interesting trend with stamps and payments / receipts in Japan. There are two types of stamps you tend to see used quite a lot here. The first is the ink stamp that comes from special instruments, that everyone here has, called hanko. We actually have 3 of these special hanko stampers. […]


Yesterday, at work we (2 of my coworkers and I) attempted to make falafel. I’ve sorely missed falafel since starting work at Cookpad, particularly the falafel shop with fresh made pita’s found near ILL’s office in Akasaka. Every Monday, the 3 of us, and anyone that stops in to join, cook a recipe we find […]

Rubyist Meetup

A couple months ago, the Tokyo Rubyist Meetup was held at COOKPAD’s office. I, as is usual the case, attended the event to socialize with other engineers in the Tokyo area. However, to my surprise, this event had a special guest whom I believe most other Ruby developers would recognize (especially if they are Ruby […]


The majority of my time lately (before work, during my lunch break, during the commutes, after work at home) has been spent on memorizing vocabulary. I’ve got 1 more week, and about 200 more words that I’d like to be confident I know… time is short. On an unrelated note, my wife and I cooked […]

July is almost here

I’m tired, and can’t think of what to write at this moment. All I can think of is that July 3rd is right around the corner. Yes, I said July 3rd instead of Independence Day. July 3rd is the day I’ll take the JLPT. I’m on track to take and pass the N2 level test […]