July is almost here

I’m tired, and can’t think of what to write at this moment. All I can think of is that July 3rd is right around the corner. Yes, I said July 3rd instead of Independence Day.

July 3rd is the day I’ll take the JLPT. I’m on track to take and pass the N2 level test in December, this test in July is just a stepping stone.

In other news, my friend Matt and I got to play with (nearly) the entire HoshiiGirl team this weekend. It was the first practice that (again, nearly) everyone showed up for since the earthquake. Two of my friends have moved to new places since the quake. One of my teammates even lived without water and electric for 2 weeks before he finally moved. Things are getting back to normal for him, and we all are planning to enter our first tournament in August. Seems I have a busy and fun schedule ahead in the next 6 months :)

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