I’ve seen a commercial on tv for sushi quite often in the past week or so. It’s making me very hungry – even after I’ve already eaten. Good chance I’ll be heading to the store today to pick up a pack of sushi (it’s so easy to find decent sushi in Japan). I looked on […]

What do you do at work? Cookpad

This is what I do at work: At least 1 day a week (sometimes 2 or 3) I spend time in the kitchen with coworkers learning how to cook new food (you have to be a user to understand a user, so we use our products regularly). Occasionally it’s a success, like the Japanese style […]

omurice and dancing in the streets

Japanese people love fried eggs, boiled eggs, raw eggs (on just about anything), scrambled eggs, sweetened eggs, and eggs in soup. I’m not opposed to eggs in most cases, and have even grown to like eggs on pizza, what can I say – they do taste good. And who can forget omelets, a favorite of […]


This isn’t failafel. We stopped by David’s Market in Shirokane Takanawa (on the Mita / Namboku train lines) and ate falafel + hummus. It’s quite good, and I’d say it’s quite authentic Israeli food – but there’d be a bit of conjecture in that statement, since I’ve never eaten authentic.

Fanta or Mountain Dew

I’m not sure who came up with this idea, but mixing grape flavor with mountain dew just isn’t such a good idea in my opinion. Just 1 week ago, I started seeing these grape mountain dews all over tokyo in vending machines (so far, I haven’t noticed them stocked in any of the convenience stores […]