Picture post wednesday

Interesting Pepsi product I found not too long ago. You can buy “English” bread at the super store. Three whole slices at a time… yes, 3 slices. I found a Subway store not too far from where I shop on a regular basis. Was a nice treat. A gift from my teacher. A swiss-cake roll […]

Tokyo Ruby and Rails Developers

Join us for the COOKPAD on Rails meetup this Thursday night, our second monthly gathering. http://www.meetup.com/COOKPAD-on-Rails/events/28350831/ RSVP and let us know you’ll be there!

Shouganai nai week report

So far, I’ve enjoyed doing this Shouganai Nai Week. It definitely put my life’s priorities into perspective, and made me feel more autonomous than ever. Both of those are a win. What have I done so far? Here’s a quick sample: Mailed a hand-written letter to someone I’ve been thinking about alot Met some past […]

What a year

A very good friend from highschool (we actually shared an apartment during my first year of college), left his mortal coil behind this week. I was shocked, dismayed, and heartbroken to hear the news. He will be missed. It seems that this year, 2011, may end up being the biggest emotional roller coaster of my […]

shouganai nai week

It’s very late and I need to go to bed. Today was not the day I expected, and I don’t feel able to share the details about it just yet. However, I’ve gleaned a nugget of wisdom which I want to ever so briefly mention. Starting today, this week will be my Shouganai Nai Week. […]