Roomba, Roomba 770

It’s finally in Japan! A couple weekends ago, Ayako and I went to Akihabara to check out the Roomba’s at the Yodabashi camera. Unfortunately, they only had the old models and they were priced as much as the new models listed online. Patience being a virtue, I opted to order one from the US and […]

Early to bed, early to rise

Went to bed super early last night and forgot to post here. I woke up at 4:30ish this morning and quickly got ready then dashed out of the house to catch the first 5AM train into the city. Why? Basketball, of course. I met a coworker and went to a nice gym / sports complex […]

Living in the future

Even with all the recent disasters, Japan is still far ahead of the technological curve. We are truly living in the future here, and not just because of the timezones, but because of amazing inventions you never new you couldn’t live without… until now:

Typhoon before Thursday

Yesterday, a typhoon ran through Tokyo on its way North. It brought some pretty strong winds and heavy rain here. The wind was strong enough to destroy my umbrella, and Ayako’s as well, so looks like we’ll be buying 2 new ones this weekend. I didn’t know for sure, but a typhoon is absolutely no […]

Movies, Basketball, Dinner & Drinks

A three day weekend flew by with more things to do than I expected. On Friday, Ayako and I rented 2 movies for our movie night and I’d recommend both of them. “Black Swan” was a very suspenseful movie that actually made ballet interesting to me. The second movie was the newest (i think) Studio […]