2 beeps, 1 beep

Completely random post: The ticket gates at the stations around Tokyo seem to make 2 distinct patterns of beeps. I think the pattern depends on payment method. I currently have 2 RFID cards that I use for accessing the subway and trains. One is a “Suica” and the other is a “Passmo” The Suica card […]

last basketball tournament 2011

Next week Thursday is the last basketball tournament we have scheduled for 2011. Looking forward to it, but I know we need a little more practice to make sure we play our best as a team. In our last practice we went over some pick-and-roll plays and free throws. Two days after the tournament, Ayako […]

iphone 4s

After losing my cellphone about a month and a half ago, I finally replaced it. Ayako also wanted to get a new phone, since hers was at least an 8 year old model, so we reviewed all the available options and finally decided to go with the iphone 4s – mostly because it’d be simplest […]

Waking up at 5AM

Waking up at 5am takes alot of self control and a good alarm clock. For the last few months i’ve been getting up just a few mins before 5 everyday except Saturday and Sunday which would be around 7. This weekend, however, i stayed at the inlaws without an alarm or intention of waking early […]

The怀Weekend in Maebashi

Busy weekend in Maebashi. We’re visiting the hospital where the baby will be born and meeting the doctor. After that, we’ll take care of some necessary shopping to leave a small stash of supplies at Ayako’s parents’ house for weeks after the hospital. Things are getting exciting and busy More photos and interesting things to […]