My schedule

Wednesday wash clothes clean dishes take out trash and recycling pack a few things that Ayako needs receive a delivery that’s had 4 attempted deliveries in the past week eat lunch then go to Maebashi prepare for baby Thursday baby photos on Facebook stay at hospital all night with Ayako Friday ??? I have no […]

Happy Monday System

Wow, I missed my post on Friday, but I have a good reason… we thought the baby was going to be here Friday night! So, I rushed to Gunma to be with Ayako, but her regular pains subsided after about 8 hours. The doctor said she’d definitely have the baby this week, and we have […]

What you might find hanging around in Japan

You get to the office and put your stuff at your desk, sit down, log in, open your email then decide it’s a good time to get a drink before reading everything. You take your empty mug and walk into the kitchen.. OMG, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!??? Your mug shatters on the floor. Welcome […]

Oh My Ramen

I live around what some might consider as the best place for ramen in or near Tokyo. In fact, there’s even a ramen museum dedicated and a home page dedicated to all the ramen in this area: And today, for dinner, I had a great big bowl of amazing miso ramen: So Goooooood! I […]

Studied too much

I spent about 8 hours studying Japanese today. Way too much… I’m really tired now, going to sleep. I’ve got some cool photos to share, hopefully Sunday after the test I’ll relax a little and then update here again.