Yesterday Sendai, Today Tokyo, Tomorrow Kyoto

It’s a hectic schedule this week. I’ll post a few photos tomorrow when I’m sitting inside the Shinkansen (bullet train) with Ben on our way to Kyoto. We’ll be staying in a capsule hotel in Kyoto, so looking forward to giving you a review of that. Cheers!

Manila 2012

I just got back from meeting Dr. Foronda, Ben, and family in the Philippines. It was my first trip to the PH and I loved it. The food is great (although the balut won’t be on my plate ever again) and the drinks are very cheap. The city of Manila is an interesting place with […]

Back from the Philippines

I just spent a few days in the Philippines with my Ben Foronda. I’ll be posting some photos tomorrow, while he and I are in transit to Sendai city, Japan, by bus

Snow in Tokyo

Left the house around 5AM this morning on my way to work – and was surprised to see snow and ice on the ground! Even Tokyo was enjoying a little snow-dusted ice and slush.

Two-thousand 11 things that changed my life

Yesterday, January 20th, was my Japan Day – the day I came to Japan 3 years ago. On my last Japan Day I wrote a post while reflecting on all the things that had happened in the previous 2 years. That post was, and still is, rather important to me – because it helped me […]