japan washing machine water

So, Japan is really interesting, have I ever mentioned that? I’m constantly surprised by the smallest of things, this one included. My washing machine, tiny as it is, is super eco-friendly and I never even knew it. See this, that’s leftover bath water with some doohicky in it. That doohicky is attached to this hose… […]

hand and genome

This weekend I played basketball on Saturday and Sunday! It was great getting to run a bit, I needed the exercise. But, what I didn’t need was this nasty bruise on my hand: A bruise I received playing basketball Saturday night. It didn’t show up until Sunday (although my thumb was swollen Saturday night), and […]

Good Advice

One of the most valuable things my father taught me is an old Yorkshire saying: where there’s muck, there’s brass. Meaning that unpleasant work pays. And more to the point here, vice versa. Work people like doesn’t pay well, for reasons of supply and demand. -Paul Graham http://paulgraham.com/bronze.html

cold cold go away

Hey you, horrible lingering cold since Friday, please go away. I spent the entire weekend at home, half of the daytime sleeping with Mia in my arms. We make a great team, Mia and I. We’re both good at sleeping when we need to. The problem is I still have my cold. It’s given me […]

Willpower and self-actualization

An excellent read on Reason.com: Triumph of the Willpower A couple excerpts: reason: You write about decision fatigue. I think we’ve probably all felt that. But can you describe what it is and how it works from a scientific perspective? Tierney: Willpower—the popular idea is that it’s something that you use to resist temptation and […]