A weekend full of hackery

Doing all sorts of fun hackery this weekend, and by weekend I mean Saturday. I’m preparing for a presentation next month, and need to have a few extra things for the show-n-tell portion of the presentation. On Sunday, if the weather is nice, we’ll venture into Tokyo to see a few old shrines and temples, […]

Kids and hope

Just a random colorful coca-cola sign standing outside a cafe & bar advertising their drink specialties. Seems they have the usual wine, whiskey, shochu, and coctails. I’m still often amazed at how almost all children walk by themselves to and from school in Japan. They might even get on a train by themselves everyday, cross […]

pet phones in japan

Remember Tamagochis? You know, those little digital pets that all you had to do was push a button to keep them alive? They sold over 70,000,000 of those things worldwide… Well, now it’s time to turn it up a notch. Introducing Japan’s next big craze: It’s a little robot dog with with a smartphone as […]

Mother has arrived

My mother has arrived in Japan, her first trip outside of the US using a passport (she’s been to Mexico and Canada way back when passports weren’t needed)! Mia got to meet her grandmother for the first time and was all smiles and laughs when my mom was holding her 😀 We’re going to take […]

Random photos

A building in Akihabara that was playing Zelda music at the entranceway. Some very cool iphone cases. My fav is the bacon and egg one, it looked very convincing. A bird nest outside the office, being built by a pair of crows. It attracted my attention because they had managed to take a big blue […]