Hungry Monday Post

Food is on my mind, so I’m going to just post a quick summary of all the food I stuffed myself with when I went to the US last week. This one caught me by surprise. On the flight to the US the last meal that they provided us was a Yoshinoya gyudon (beef and […]

RailsConf 2012 slides RoRoRoomba

RailsConf was a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone that came to see my talk, and thanks to all the other great speakers I got to enjoy listening to. The conference was packed, people were friendly, talks were interesting, and the weather was great — what more could you ask for? Oh, slides you say? […]


So, apparently I didn’t take any Omiyamaeri photos with my phone, instead they are all on my digital camera which isn’t here with me in this train traveling to the airport. I did, however, take a photo of one of the courses at lunch that day (lunch directly followed the omiyamaeri business). Omiyamaeri is a […]

Finished packing

It’s 1AM here, and I just finished packing for my trip back to the States. I’ll be really busy over the next few days so this site won’t get updated like it normally does (but then again, it’s hardly been updated in the last 2 weeks). I’ll try to post some images while on my […]

Lack of updates

Apologies, I’ll be back on track soon. Mother is leaving today, it’s Tuesday morning when I’m writing this, so I’ll see her off to the airport. Later this week, Friday morning very early, I’ll also go to the airport to make my trip to the US. So many loose ends still left to tie up.