Recent Schedule

My recent schedule has been quite random lately. I go to work at completely different times of the morning (ranging from 6:30am to 10:30am) and leave at seemingly random times as well. Since returning from the US I’ve been rather “meh” about the day-to-day stuff. On the weekends I’ve started playing basketball again — I […]

Random Gumma Photos

From my last trip to Gumma, here are a few photos that stood out to me: Beer, coffee, and soda all in the same machine. Three giant Daruma dolls in Takasaki station. Takasaki is where daruma dolls were first made.

The apex of Japanese comedy

Tonight I watched a short comedy sketch on TV that reminded me just how crazy (and funny) Japanese comedy can sometimes be. It’s really such a strange comedy scene over here compared to the US, but funny in its own way. Although this isn’t the episode I watched tonight, I did see it several months […]

Random photos

Random photos. Which guy is driving this train? A curry shop called GoGoCurry with a gorilla mascot. I haven’t tried it yet, but I want to.

A lunch for kids

Last weekend we were getting ready to go meet my senpai (先輩 means older friend that helps by giving useful advice about life- it’s a pretty important component of Japanese society) and Mia was having fun playing hide-n-seek with the bed’s sheets It was fun watching her play, and her eyes just melted my heart. […]