Good night and good luck

Tomorrow is the JLPT. I’ve been busy studying… very busy. Today I went to the office and stayed there for about 10 hours. Over half of that time was spent reading and listening to Japanese. Here are most of the books I use to study Japanese. Here’s an action shot of me studying at the […]

Bacon Bonanza

Friday was like visiting heaven for a moment, a heaven filled with bacon. Not more than 5 days after experiencing a bad BLT, the Tokyo cityscape struck back with a vengeance to prove it wasn’t as hopeless as some bacon connoisseur might think (not implying that I am a bacon connoisseur). Friday was the Bacon […]

Bad BLT, Great Fathers Day

On Sunday, Father’s Day, I left the apartment super early and went to Cafe Gasto to study Japanese for about 4 hours. While there I decided to eat something to show my patronage for the nice comfortable seat and quiet study atmosphere I was enjoying. When I opened the menu the first thing that caught […]

Hacking a Roomba with Ruby at Railsconf

Here’s my RailsConf 2012 presentation “RoRoRoomba – Ruby on Rails on Roomba” If you’re looking for the code, go here: Rrroomba Github ruby source A quick write up and summary written by an audience member can be found here: NewHaven.rb Railsconf Wiki Hardware used in the presentation (each list item is a completely separate way […]