Beer, bears, budou, or bust!

At the office I spotted this funny looking bottle of beer on a fellow engineer’s desk. It’s a bottle of beer playfully labeled with the Cookpad name and some summertime imagery. Apparently it was a gift from an acquaintance. Not too far away from that beer I spotted a giant bear snoozing the day away […]

Doyo No Ushi no hi

Doyo-no-ushi-no-hi (土用の丑の日) ‘Ox’s Day’ celebrated as ‘Eel Day’ Today, Friday July 27th, happens to be the semi-official “eat an eel” day in Japan. This special day always occurs one day between mid-July and the beginning of August. So why do we eat eel in Japan? Apparently unagi, the Japanese word for eel, has lots of nutritional value […]

Basketball and Games

So I’ve enjoyed some lively weekends for the past 2 weeks. Not studying for Japanese language tests on the weekends has opened up a lot of free time which I’m enjoying for the moment. Over the past 10 days or so I’ve managed to enjoy two basketball tournaments. We came in second place in one, […]

BBQ and Yakiniku

Last weekend was a 3 day weekend here in Japan. Monday was “ocean’s day” and the weather was perfect for visiting the ocean. My basketball team had a BBQ near Tokyo bay in Chiba and here are a couple photos looking out over the water. Looking out over the bay, Chiba City is in the […]

Beautiful day

Hot and sunny. Perfect day for a stroll to the basketball gym… scenery here in Maihama is great thanks to DisneyLand