the two towers

A 30+ floor condominium that will be finished early next year. I’m looking forward to them finishing construction on this project, not because I will move there (I won’t) but because there is a large shopping complex and outdoor garden / relaxation area next to it that will be finished at the same time. I […]

A trip to Kamakura

This weekend we travelled to Kamakura for a house warming party. Kamakura is about an hour and a half from where we live in Chiba, but comfortably on the same train line so no need for transfers. The pacific ocean is just a few minutes away from the station, so this place is both a […]

Oral Rehydration Solution

At the drug store yesterday and I saw this gem of advertising: Bottled water with the name “Oral Rehydration Solution” Sounds so high tech! And look, a guy with a stethoscope is handing it to you, it must be great!

Afternoon Showers

It’s hot. Sunday it was hot too. I went to play basketball late Sunday afternoon (around 5PM) and was glad for the long shadows and shade the outdoor basketball court gets. What I wasn’t glad for was the sudden rain shower that fell on us after 40 minutes of play time. The rain came down […]

Blood, Orangina, Pigeons, Delirium

The Redcross of Japan was near the train station entrance setting up to take blood donations. A French drink that just recently started selling in Japan. The drink has orange peel zest in it, quite good. The picture was just taken from inside the bullet train on the way to Gumma. It’s Saturday here, and […]