angry birds, benkyokai

Two random photos for today. The first is this famous character: The pig from the Angry Birds game. A couple of the Angry Birds makers stopped by yesterday and we ate lunch together. They were burdened by a lot of pigs so they gave us each one. Apparently there is a new game coming out […]

Excuse me while I

This is more or less an empty update just to keep the blog moving. 1) Everyday my schedule is really different from the last 2) Raising a child is really hard work (and really rewarding) 3) I’m always dreaming of greener pastures 4) House and land hunting is still in progress, had a meeting last […]

Applied for Permanent Residence

I applied for Permanent Residence on Friday. Mia and I took a trip to the immigration office with all the necessary paperwork and stood in line for them to review it. Once they reviewed it, they gave me a post card to fill out my address on – then said watch your mail for the […]

Random and Related

The entranceway to work. I like the texture, lighting, and colors. A nice car in the parking garage at the office. Next to it is a porsche, but nobody takes photos of the porsche.