A stroll

if all things go well (more detail in a later post) we’ll be living in a new place just a short stroll from our current residence in April. The map above shows the distance and time required to walk from our current small apartment to the new place which will be much larger– babies require […]

Inkan Toroku

This morning, Tuesday, Mia and I went to the city hall to register my new top-secret extra special hanko (stamp). In Japan, instead of signing contracts you have to stamp them with a family seal. Most families have multiple hankos. I have 3, but only one of them is registered. 1 is for signing anything […]

2 random photos

Naive shampoo… I buy products that insult me. Or maybe it’s just a warning. These are refill packs of shampoo and conditioner. I don’t recall seeing refill packs in the US. But most people here buy these packs and pour them into their shampoo and conditioner bottles. A grilled chicken on a stick stand getting […]

Office Veggies

Veggies on the counter at work for anyone to use Unfortunately I didn’t get to use them myself, but I’ll try to nab a few next time. More unboxed veggies. I do love the free fresh cooking supplies at the office, but need to find someone that wants to cook regularly to use them (cooking […]