Black Burger

At Burger King they are celebrating an anniversary in Japan by offering a special “Black Burger.” Apparently, they use charcoal and squid ink to transform the burger. Feeling obligated to report this interesting choice of celebratory promotion, I sat down at a nearby BK and tasted one for myself. The burger size was comparable to […]

2013 what’s on your bucket list

I’ve been thinking lately, 2013 is coming fast, and I’m not even sure what I want to improve or change in the next year. I’m not complacent, not even close yet, but I’m feeling a little stretched that perhaps the 2013 todo will include doing less. Any New Year’s resolutions on your mind yet? Any […]

Ruby and Tenderlove

A couple weeks ago we received an omiyage (gift) from the senor software engineer, @tenderlove, himself. Stickers and food are always a huge hit at the Cookpad office.

Abbot ale

A photo of my desk at work. Abbot ale glass, a 3rd hand tool to help with my robot hobby projects, a WiFly wireless to serial gateway chip with various wires soldered to it, and my business cards. On the opposite corner of my desk I have 3 books. 2 programming, 1 of them specific […]

Back to normal

Feeling better again. Friday was Ayako’s birthday, and luckily I felt good enough for us to celebrate on Saturday. I’ll post some photos and such tomorrow. Today, Monday, was a holiday in Japan. The weather was nice even though there was a noticeable chill in the gusty wind today. The temperature is falling and the […]