Toshi Koshi Ramen

I ordered my last bowl of ramen for the year. I’ve been silently telling myself that next year I’ll eat less ramen and drink less alcohol. Oh, and I plan on restarting my daily sit-up / crunch routine. Maybe I’ll start on the sit-ups over the next week while lounging around Gunma with the in-laws. […]

It’s official

I now officially own a plot of land in Japan. I’m excited and surprised at the same time… 2012 has been an interesting year and this is quite a big accomplishment to top it off with. Apologies for not updating, I’ve been utterly overwhelmed with work and life to fill in the details, but I’ll […]

The final stretch

Just a few more days and most things will be out of my control concerning my future residence. Indeed, once I sign on all the remaining dotted lines and stamp my special stamper on all the legal documents there will be no turning back. Needless to say I’m a little stressed and stretched just trying […]

Weekend funtime

The weekend is here! 😀 On Saturday we’ll finalize the mortgage (sign on the dotted line) and receive the money in one lump some deposit to my bank account. On Sunday we’ll meet with the housing contractor, Asahi Hebel, to go over all the details of the house to make sure we’re both still on […]