Server out of Disk Space

My server that this blog is on keeps running out of disk space. This is the 5th time in 2 weeks that I’ve tried to upload a photo to share and couldn’t. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to investigate. Maybe I can fix it on Saturday.


This week we had the Jichinsai ceremony for our land. It’s a shinto style ceremony with several strange customs. I’ll share those in a future post (video as well). For now, here is quick couple of photos showing the ground-breaking dirt pile used in the ceremony and then a photo of the land the day […]

My Japan Day – My Perspective on 4 Years in Japan

4 Years lost in Japan. But it’s not a bad place to lose oneself. Last year on my Japan Day, I wrote about 11 things in 2011 that changed my life. The year before that I wrote about Looking back on 2 years in Japan. In that same tradition, here’s some more senseless rambling on […]

Blackface in Japan

I wonder why Japan didn’t read that memo about the inappropriateness of using “blackface.” Japan may be an exceptional country in many regards, but it still isn’t utopia.

Week in Review

Sick baby – influenza. Injured toe – from basketball tourney. Wake at 4:15AM everyday, start work at the office a few minutes after 6AM. Not a particularly fun start to the week, although the latter 2 I brought upon myself. One by choice (and I do like my schedule) and one by accident (it was […]