Recently Read

Last year I spent most of my reading time in Game of Thrones (great fantasy series) and Japanese language learning texts (although a few technical books did hit my reading list). However, since the end of February I’ve been on a technical book reading binge… many thanks to the Kindle Paperwhite — which I absolutely […]

Permanent Residence and Spouse Visa

Yesterday I reviewed the documentation I submitted for permanent residence and realized that it was over 6 months ago. September 21st was my submission date, and in February they contacted me by mail requesting some tax documents (I find it strange that I have to go to city-hall to get print-offs of tax documents… why […]

Weekend Ahead

Let’s see if I can possibly pack anything else into this weekend… well, I mean ~~I Could~~ but then would most certainly have no time for doing important things like sleeping and eating. Saturday 4:30am til 8:30am: Open Source a project I’ve been working on for a while 8:30am til 10am: Prepare for Japanese class […]

Spring Day

Feeling rather blah the past couple of days, but the nice weather sure has been nice. Today was a holiday in Japan. The first day of spring here. The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom, they’ll be blooming for 3 or 4 weeks max. This Saturday we’ll get to tour the inside of the house. […]

Our Hebel House photo update

Our house is underway. The framing and such are nearly complete. Next they’ll focus on the interior for 3-4 weeks. A view from the rooftop where we’ll eventually have a bbq area.