RubyKaigi 2013

I’m at RubyKaigi 2013. Will be there on Thursday and Friday. RubyKaigi is the main Ruby language conference. So far, I’ve enjoyed Matz’s keynote about creating new languages. Looking forward to a few other speakers and topics as well.

BBQ season

It’s BBQ season and I’m trying to figure out the schedule for outdoor grilling at my new place. I had a preliminary bbq this past weekend to break in the grill and figure out how this BBQ thing works. Hoping to host several get togethers over the next couple months, of course I’ll need to […]


Excellent read about the future of Japan’s economy in this NY Times piece: Japan’s New Optimism Has Name: Abenomics I actually mentioned this tremendous change in Japan’s fiscal policy indirectly in December when I was finalizing my house. All last year I was researching housing, bonds, interest rate trends for the past 20 years since […]

New Phone

After living with an iphone that had a badly cracked screen for 6 months, I have finally gotten a new one. A friend of a friend sold me his iphone4s, the same type I’ve had, as he had recently upgraded. I still need to configure this phone a little – my backup / restore process […]

Moving In

About 3 weeks ago we got to move out of the apartment and into the new house! The day before we moved in we did one last review of the construction with the site manager. Afterwards, everyone that was involved with the process – beginning to end – showed up and surprised us with this […]