I’ve been reading this book, thanks to a friend’s suggestion: Elixir is an interesting language based on a development paradigm I’m quite unfamiliar with. This is turning out to be an enjoyable, mind-stretching exercise just reading the book From Wikipedia, about Elixir: Elixir is a functional, concurrent, general-purpose programming language built atop the Erlang Virtual […]

Roof Balcony Pergola

I purchased a table, 4 chairs, 2 benches, and a pergola for my roof balcony this past week. Over the weekend I invited a small number of friends over to help me put things together in exchange for my undying gratitude – and a few beers. Faces hidden to protect the innocent I should be […]

Interesting tidbit

I read an interesting tidbit from Terrie’s Take (a weekly newsletter concerning Japan – in English) today, thought it was worth posting here: From Terrie’s Take Why is Japan’s payment network so disconnected from the outside world? One clue is that at Japan’s ATMs, instead of finding the brand logo of a major payment network […]

Random Photos

Some random photos: Tasty sushi at a fun sushi place in Meguro. An ekiden I participated in last month. I ran 5 kilometers as part of a 25 kilometer relay race with some coworkers. I did it in 25 minutes. A sign in New York’s subway system. I travelled to NY last month to meet […]