Digital Clouds

So, in the last 48 hours I have worked on new cloud hosting instances on 4 different providers. I don’t know what triggered my obsession other than having to setup a Linode VPS cloud instance on Sunday for a project. After setting up a Linode instance, I ended up also setting up instances on AWS […]

Late night, early morning

Tired. Going to sleep slightly after midnight tonight. Tomorrow plan to wake around 6:30 and finish preparing the place for visitors. In other news, I started Japanese classes again at MLC. Once a week, every Thursday, for the next couple months to help me smooth out some of the many rough edges in my conversational […]

Where was I?

Hey, I don’t know what happened. This week was weird on my personal schedule. I’ve been staying up later than normal cramming new Japanese words into my brain. Why would I want to do that? Well, I have a desire to eventually pass the JLPT N1, but first I really need to pull up my […]

Curb Appeal

Walking home from preschool one day Mia decided to sit down on the curb and have a rest. She’s growing up so fast – almost 2! She’s also developing a strong personality. Some might say “the terrible twos” are on the way. Might be so. I’ve already learned the equivalent phrase in Japanese so I […]

Darts Lunch

Last week a group of us from work went to a darts room at lunch. The place allows anyone to bring in food from elsewhere, so we grabbed a burger to go and played darts for an hour. The place was empty, so we got to spread out and play on a couple machines (it […]