Cold Winds

Cold winds around Tokyo. The days are getting shorter. Time is running out for BBQs on the rooftop. The new house is getting comfortable now that we have a dining table and chairs, a bed for Mia, and other small furniture in place. We’re trying to take it slow – don’t want to accumulate “stuff” […]

Heart Gem

For those of you that are interested in being the first to try something, I’m about to release a project as a gem on RubyGems. It’s a mountable engine for your Rails projects that provides a pre-built interface for visually analyzing time-series metrics drawn from your application’s data. It’s called HEART, some of you might […]

Winding Down 3 Weeks

2 weeks of coding on a personal project, split up by a week of my brother coming to visit, is nearing its end. I’ve got 4 more days to clean up things, put some finishing touches on my first functional release, and just git-r-done. I’m quite happy with what I’ve managed to wrangle out of […]


With the beautiful weather in town for a couple days, I took the opportunity to swing by asakusa temple today. The crowds weren’t too thick, and the temperature was perfect for mid afternoon stroll. Sorry, all I brought back was this photo:

Thank You Wendys

Wendy’s Japan closed up shop in Japan about 2 years ago. They closed down all their restaurants and I have ever since sorely missed them. They never had that many restaurants to begin with (maybe a half dozen?) so I didn’t get to go very often, but it was always a pick-me-up when I did. […]