Trick or Treat

3 things of note: 1) My daughter has learned the power of the phrase “Trick or Treat”. She has used it unsparingly to receive candy and (in Japan) healthy rice crackers. These little people learn the tricks of manipulation so quickly. 2) Ayako and I have started doing rent-a-movie nights on Friday. It’s clear we’re […]

Wedding Party on a Boat

If the typhoon passes by without causing too much trouble, we’ll be joining a friend’s wedding party. This wedding party will be quite uniquely held on a boat. I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m looking forward to the experience — granted the weather is nice Other than that, I’m going to try to […]

Another Typhoon and Heated Floors

End of this week will bring another typhoon our way. This will make the 3rd one in the last 2 months. Unfortunately, a friend was planning a wedding party on a boat this Saturday, which Ayako, Mia, and I are planning to attend. If the typhoon hits on that day I’m sure they’ll have to […]


So, I’m all set to take the JLPT N2 again this December. I only need to squeeze a bit more study time out of my schedule. Lately I haven’t been using Japanese as much as I’d like so I often find myself lost for that one word. In other news, this week’s typhoon blew by […]

Disney Sea, Ueno Zoo

With my mother visiting we’re trying to enjoy a few family friendly outings. Well, you’d think they are family friendly — until you realize how crowded they are (which can turn them into mini-headaches). But for all the headache of crowded spaces and long lines, it was still worth the ticket price and time. First […]