Fuji Snow Capped

Mia and I are on our way to Maebashi to visit Ayako. We haven’t seen her in a week Maebashi is 2 hours by train, or 1 hour by shinkansen. We took the the shinkansen and got a special treat: a clear view of Mt Fuji’s snow cap.

Sorry, Really Busy

The blog has been updated once a week for the past couple months. Apologies, things here are just extremely hectic (partly my fault, and partly due to just those random life events). As for random life events: Mia turned 2 this month. She’s learning so much these days and really has a strong personality. I’m […]

Broken Glass

Google glass is very cool, even when it breaks. I’ll need to replace my glass when I return home in January, but have no regrets in buying it.

Google Glass

I’m really stoked about the possibilities surrounding Google Glass. I’m already working on a prototype application to get my hands dirty with the Android SDK. I’m hoping to leverage Fullcourt’s SMS and Voice APIs in some way. It will be interesting 😀